New Zealand Hair Transplantation Institute is located in Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic

Address: 26 College Hill,

Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011


Tel: 09 360 1250

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thu: 10am - 5pm 

​​Friday: 10am - 8pm ​

Weekend & Public Holidays: Closed


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New Zealand Hair Transplantation Institute trading as New Zealand Hair Transplant has its rooms in the Sapphire Appearance Medicine Clinic.  New Zealand Hair Transplantation Institute is Auckland's first permanently full time FUE Hair Transplantation Clinic specialising in permanent hair restoration with qualified internationally trained Kiwi doctors.  All aspects of the surgery are performed only by qualified New Zealand trained doctors who will be available to look after you every step of the way.

Dr Garsing Wong graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Auckland.  He has worked in the UK and Switzerland before returning to New Zealand.  Dr Wong lives  and works full time in Auckland.  Dr Garsing Wong is an early adopter of medical therapy to restore hairloss, having published patient and doctor educational material more that 20 years ago. Dr Garsing Wong was the first doctor in Australasia to offer Hairstetics Hair Implantation since 2017.  Dr Garsing Wong remains an active teacher, holding the position as an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the

Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland.  Dr Wong is a lecturer and Examiner for the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care, in addition to being the former Chairman of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care, as well as the former Secretary, Treasurer and Censor of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine now renamed The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine.

Dr Thomas Wong Doo, graduated from the University of Auckland, in Medicine, Law and Accounting.  Dr Doo lives and works full time in Auckland.

Drs Wong and Doo recently attended the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Workshop on FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision) in Istanbul, Turkey, this April 2019 as well as the 27th ISHRS World Congress in Bangkok, Thailand this November 2019.

Drs Wong and Doo are able to offer patients the latest techniques in FUE hair transplantation.

Dr Wong is an associate member of ISHRS.  

Updated 21 January 2020


You will need to complete a patient history form prior to your consultation. We will assess the medical health of your scalp and hair, offer preventative prescription on...
15 min